For the final dance of PittStop 2012, we moved to the Pittsburgh Dance Center in Bloomfield. The Glenn Crytzer Combo featuring Solomon Douglas and Paul Cosentino provided the live music.
DSE34489.jpgJeffy "Cupcake" Altman - Music just got seriousDSE34493.jpgDSE34494.jpgDSE34495.jpgDSE34496.jpgDSE34497.jpgDSE34498.jpgDSE34499.jpgDSE34500.jpgDSE34502.jpgThe Glenn Crytzer QuartetThe Glenn Crytzer Quartet with Solomon Douglas and Paul CosentinDSE34506.jpgDSE34509.jpgHow low can David go?That was obviously too low....DSE34513.jpgDSE34515.jpgDSE34517.jpg