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Souq Waqif is the largest souq (traditional market) in Doha. According to the tour bus narration, this is a reconstruction -- the original was razed in 2000, and the souq was rebuilt a few years later using authentic traditional techniques and styles.
DSE60751.jpgDSE60753.jpgDSE60754.jpgDSE60755.jpgDSE60757.jpgATMDSE60760.jpgDSE60761.jpgDSE60762.jpgDSE60763.jpgIslamic Cultural Center, across the street from the souqDSE60767.jpgDSE60769.jpgDSE60770.jpgDSE60771.jpgDSE60773.jpgDSE60775.jpgDSE60777.jpgDSE60778.jpgDSE60779.jpg