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A fundraiser for Girls Rock! Pittsburgh, which provides musical instruments and instruction. We had designated dancers (pay a dollar for a dance) and a dollar dance with the bartender.
DSF18835.jpgDSF18838.jpgDSF18840.jpgDSF18844.jpgDSF18846.jpgDSF18847.jpgDSF18849.jpgDSF18850.jpgDSF18851.jpgAmanda will take your dollar if you want to dance with ShaneDSF18853.jpgDSF18854.jpgDSF18855.jpgDSF18856.jpgDSF18857.jpgDSF18858.jpgDSF18859.jpgDSF18862.jpgDSF18864.jpgDSF18865.jpg