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Ryan Boz and Alexis Garrish (2nd place)Ryan Boz and Alexis GarrishRyan Boz and Alexis GarrishTommy Schwegmann and Katrina Repka (4th place)Tommy Schwegmann and Katrina RepkaDSE74841.jpgDSE74845.jpgDSE74848.jpgDSE74851.jpgDSE74852.jpgDSE74855.jpgDSE74856.jpgDSE74860.jpgDSE74863.jpgTommy Schwegmann and Katrina RepkaRichard DeFelice and Susan DeFelice (6th place)DSE74873.jpgRichard DeFelice and Susan DeFeliceChris Vartuli and Emma Richards (7th)Chris Vartuli and Emma Richards