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View of Downtown Pittsburgh from Mt. Washington overlook (2014)Downtown Pittsburgh at Night (2015)Downtown Pittsburgh, seen from South Oakland (2020)Downtown Pittsburgh and Mount Washington (2021)Strip District and North Side (2021)Pittsburgh's North Side, seen from Mount WashingtonAndy Warhol Bridge (2014)Andy Warhol Bridge and Downtown Pgh (2014)Allegheny River and PNC Park (2014)PNC Park (2014)PPG Place (2014)North Side, seen from Arcena Street (2021)Heinz Plant on the North Side (2021)Bloomfield seen from Herron Hill (2021)View of Lawrenceville and Bloomfield from Herron Hill (2021)View across Hill District toward Downtown (2021)Carnegie Mellon and Squirrel Hill seen from Herron Hill (2021)Shadyside and Oakland seen from Herron Hill (2021)View across Lawrenceville (2021)Strip and Lawrenceville seen from Polish Hill (2020)